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ApexSQL Defrag release notes




December 01, 2016


  • Added icon overlays in server explorer to highlight fragmentation issues
  • Added options to select/deselect all indexes and toggle display with low, medium, or high fragmentation
  • Added options to set fragmentation levels and colors
  • Improved policy wizard
  • Improved usability in grids and context menus
  • Improved charts


  • Wrong decimal place for Fragmentation % values in Activities
  • Error is displayed when clicking on OK button in Options after the first install
  • Clicking on the whitespace activates the Run ApexSQL Defrag checkbox in Setup wizard
  • Clicking on the whitespace activates the Create desktop icon checkbox in Setup wizard
  • Export to CSV and XML export all activities, not just the selected ones
  • To large textboxes for schedule time and type
  • To large boxes for Reorganize and Rebuild index thresholds
  • Inconsistent heading for Fragmentation % chart in Reports
  • Right clicking on the column heading in the Activities grid displays two context menus
  • Wrong position of Refresh button for the remote servers
  • Unable to execute file in temporary directory. Setup aborted, when downloading and installing ApexSQL Defrag


  • New application icon




September 29, 2016


  • Supports SQL Server 2005 and higher
  • Analyze index fragmentation on local and remote SQL Server instances
  • Rebuild and reorganize fragmented indexes
  • Set fragmentation scan density
  • Set the fragmentation thresholds for reorganize and rebuild jobs
  • Create and manage customizable policies
  • Set CPU load threshold and memory load threshold for defragmentation jobs
  • Set the schedule for defragmentation jobs
  • Set the Email notifications for succeeded/failed jobs
  • Monitor all defragmentation jobs and policies from a central location
  • Group the results by any column from the grid
  • Filter the grid results
  • Export the activities to CSV or XML
  • Create fragmentation reports on index fragmentation and index memory usage
  • Get reports for specified timeframe
  • Export reports to PDF, HTML, or image file