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Monitor multiple SQL Server instances
View system performance metrics
Identify performance issues and deadlocks
Use comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics
Analyze query waits
Review query execution plans
Calculate baselines and thresholds
Visualize data with logarithmic scaling


Performance base lining

Configure server performance baselines for a desired date range. Learn more

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Query execution plan viewer

Analyze problematic queries by displaying the query execution plan using an integrated query execution plan viewer. Learn more

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Analyze SQL Server performance by generating different report types. Learn more

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SQL Server metrics monitoring

Monitor the most important SQL Server performance parameters; longest running transactions, memory grants pending, page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, target and total server memory, buffer cache hit ratio, and more

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System metrics monitoring

Monitor the most important system performance parameters - processor utilization, disk bytes write per second, disk bytes read per second, processor queue length, available memory, and more

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Database metrics monitoring

Monitor all databases on a SQL Server instance and total, data, and log file size, as well as log growth and the number of transactions per second

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Query performance monitoring

Detect the slowest queries by CPU, execution time or I/O

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Query history and query wait type analysis

Capture wait statistics for a single or grouped query

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Wait type statistics

Review collected wait statistics and quickly identify performance issues and bottlenecks to facilitate performance tuning

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SQL Server and database status monitoring

Monitor servers and databases to ensure availability and identify issues early

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SQL Server AlwaysOn cluster support

Monitor performance for AlwaysOn availability groups

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Custom metrics

Create metrics according to custom requirements to be monitored along with standard metrics

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Metric history

Easily navigate through the charts history via the date/time picker or navigation arrows

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Get alerted when a metric reaches its predefined threshold value with 24/7 notifications

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Email alerting

Send an email whenever an alert is raised. Send individual or summary alert report via multiple email profiles

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Alert actions

Execute SQL scripts or shell commands that will be executed when an alert is raised

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Alert period

Define the length of time for which a value must be exceeding the threshold before the alert is triggered

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User security

Define users assigned to different roles to increase monitoring security and reliability

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Configurable monitoring

Enable or disable metrics and customize details

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Server information summary

Check information and alert summary for one, some, or all SQL Servers

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Custom metrics view

Create custom tabs with preferred charts and metrics

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Logarithmic scale y-axis

Display large data ranges without hiding small but critical variations. Learn more

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Deadlock analysis

Set up a deadlock alert action and save details, including a graphical presentation of the deadlock

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Granular device and database monitoring

Monitor applicable metrics per individual disk, network card or database and exclude unneeded devices and databases

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Maintenance periods

Set recurring or one-time maintenance period intervals schedule to suspend alerting or monitoring of specified SQL Server instances

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SQL Server grouping

Group servers with similar properties to configure and/or analyze alerts and details for all servers in the group at once

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Chart configuration

Fully customize chart size, chart metrics and threshold line colors

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Alert quick focus

Review raised alerts from a chart with a single click

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Full SQL Server cluster support

Monitor performance of both Failover clusters and AlwaysOn availability groups

Query waits alerting

Get alerted whenever a wait exceeds a predefined wait time

Single query analytics

Get more detailed info about each single query wait

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ApexSQL Monitor 2014 R3 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R1 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R3 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R4 Q3 ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R5 Q4 ApexSQL Monitor 2016 R1 Q1
System monitoring - 15 counters
Additional counters (Disk latency, Page file usage, etc.)
Server monitoring - 17 counters
Additional counters (Disk latency, Disk space monitoring, etc.)
Database monitoring - 4 counters
Additional counters
Health status monitoring
Hard disk status
Query monitoring
Query wait history
The built-in query execution plan viewer
Query waits alerting
Blocking queries
Query performance history
VM monitoring
Custom metrics
Custom system performance metrics
Wait stats
Add instance for monitoring using different windows credentials
Basic reports in multiple formats
Query reports
Server grouping
Customized view
Email alerting
Alert actions - Execute external process, execute SQL script, send email
Maintenance period - Schedule alerting or collection to avoid certain time frames
Base lining
Baseline thresholds adjustments
Automatic baseline calculation
Custom defined alerts
Query analysis
Single query analytics
Tips – Helpful tips to easily detect and analyze performance issues
Users - Ability to define users and their privileges
SQL Server AlwaysOn cluster support
Full SQL Server cluster support
SQL Server 2016 support
ApexSQL Monitor 2014 R3 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R1 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R3 Released ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R4 Q3 ApexSQL Monitor 2015 R5 Q4 ApexSQL Monitor 2016 R1 Q1


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