ApexSQL Monitor

Monitor SQL Server, system,
and database performance

View real-time data in comprehensive graphs

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Dev and Pro versions available
Dev and Pro versions available
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Version: 2014.01

 Monitor multiple SQL Server instances

 View system performance metrics

 Identify performance issues and deadlocks

 Use comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics

Monitor SQL Server performance

Monitor important SQL Server instance metrics: page life expectancy, page reads and writes per second, target and total server memory, user connections, buffer cache hit ratio, batch requests, and more. Identify performance issues that need troubleshooting

Monitor system performance

Track operating system metrics: processor utilization, network usage, paging, disk and memory metrics, and find out how they affect SQL Server performance. Get enough information to be able to fix performance bottlenecks and deadlocks

Monitor database performance

Monitor databases on multiple local and remote SQL Server instances, keep track of the database files size, growth rates, and plan your hardware capacities

Real-time monitoring

Track performance changes as they happen. Monitor metric changes continuously in real-time to get a complete picture of your server's health and behavior

Configurable monitoring

Choose SQL Server instances to monitor. Easily enable and disable SQL Server instances. Configure and monitor the most important system metrics


Identify the parameters that exceed the predefined limit. Be notified when a metric reaches its critical value. Be ready to diagnose and effectively fix the issues

Comprehensive dashboard

View the metrics on an easy-to-read dashboard, visually distinguished per operating system and SQL Server. Quickly identify the metrics that should be addressed