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Document SQL Server databases and SSIS packages
Generate documentation in CHM, HTML, Word, and PDF
Automate and schedule the documenting process
Display graphical relationship diagrams
Document SSAS Multidimensional and Tabular models
Document SSIS Control flow and Data flow diagrams
Fully customize the documentation output
Include Data model diagrams
Document SSRS reports from File System
Document SSRS reports in Native & SharePoint mode


Multiple documentation formats

Generate documentation in CHM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, or PDF format

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Custom styles

Layout documentation using the popular styles e.g. Metro or quickly create your own

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Personalized documentation

Fully customize the documentation with different styles, custom text, and graphics

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Self-documenting SQL objects

Include custom descriptions derived from extended properties that you can edit from within the tool itself

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Customizable processing

Document or ignore specific SQL database or object attributes

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Powerful filter

Selectively limit which objects will be documented

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Unattended execution

Easily schedule generate documentation through the CLI unattended

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SQL Server Management Studio add-in integration

Create documentation directly from SQL Server Management Studio

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SQL syntax highlighting

Display fully colorized SQL

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Graphical dependencies

Include visualizations of object interdependencies in the generated document

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Data model diagrams

Graphically display database tables and their relationships using standard Entity-relationship notation

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Transparent decryption

Seamlessly document encrypted SQL objects

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Support for SSIS packages

Detail both attached and detached SQL Server Integration Services packages

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Support for SSIS package diagrams

Document SQL Server Integration Services package Control flow and Data flow diagrams

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Support for SSAS databases

Document detailed SSAS Multidimensional and Tabular databases

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Support for SSRS items

Document SQL Server Reporting Services items from file system, Native web and SharePoint service

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Advantages of ApexSQL Doc

This blog article covers some key/unique features and/or advantages of ApexSQL Doc

SQL Server reporting services (SSRS) documentation

This Solution center article explains how to set up the SSRS documentation process using ApexSQL Doc


You'll be happy to know that I purchased a copy of ApexSQL Doc, and I'm very pleased with it. There is a company called [name deleted] that makes a similar product but I'm afraid that their product is inferior to yours

Jeff Hagen

Director of Internet Development

TreeHouse Interactive

Let me congratulate ApexSQL on a pretty amazing tool (ApexSQL Doc). I have been hired to review 51 databases over 9 servers, and subsequently migrate some of them to a new server. The client has no documentation, so the first step was to document what lived where. After a brief search, I found this tool. It has saved me at least a WEEK of work. Which is sad because those were billable hours ;)

Michael Conroy


Trinity Logic LLC

I have been using the ApexSQL Doc tool for more than a week and I have to say it's fantastic. The output is well thought out and I appreciate the effort that you all put into it

Pharmacy Consultant

National Institutes of Health

I installed the upgrade and ran the software. I was able to document our database in about 30 minutes where before it took about 8 hours. So I experienced a much better speed improvement over the six times faster time you are advertising. The process was less resource intensive also. Good job

James Rickaway

Omnicell, Inc.

I'm impressed of the speed increase in creating database documentation with the new version. Congratulations, you have done a good job

Gabriele Marchetti

MCSA, MCSE MCDBA, MCTS and MCITP Database Administrator (SQL Server 2005)

Associate Director

Projects and Reporting

Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

Hey thanks for the quick response. This tool is awesome

Curtis Potts

Chief Technical Officer

Focus Systems Inc

In my opinion ApexSQL Doc is by far and away the best SQL Server documentation tool available!

Peter Ward

Chief Technical Architect

WARDY IT Solutions

I downloaded the Beta version of ApexSQL Doc and I was really surprised of the performance. It's really much faster than the last version

Michaele Notari

IT Project Leader

Tupperware TEAM MBS

Among all the tools I’ve tried, ApexSQL Doc is the best!

Goran Yordanov

SQL Developer

Xogito Group


ApexSQL Redgate®
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SQL Server editions
      Azure SQL Database
      SQL Server on Amazon RDS
      Live database
      SSAS cube
      SSIS package
      SSRS report
      SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
      Extended property editor
      XML comments (custom tags)
      Analysis services documentation
      Custom descriptions via extended properties
      Data model diagrams
      Documentation styles
      Graphical dependencies
      Integration services documentation
      Reporting services documentation
      Command line interface
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ApexSQL Doc 2016.03

Redgate® SQL Doc

Comparison was conducted on April 15, 2016

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Annotate database objects locally

Add custom descriptions to database objects

Document specific database objects from SSMS

Use SSMS to document specific database objects

Document only server information

Document only server objects without the need to choose a database

See our entire roadmap
ApexSQL Doc 2016 R3 Released ApexSQL Doc 2016 R4 Released ApexSQL Doc 2016 R5 Q4 ApexSQL Doc 2016 R6 Q4
Database engine
Database options
Annotate database objects locally
Document server information only
Business intelligence
SSRS report documentation
Document SSIS packages from SSISDB catalog
SSIS package details
Project parameters
Log entry information
Extended properties
Configuration settings
SSIS source and destination mapping
Dependencies between SSIS packages and referenced database objects
SSAS 2016 Tabular written in TMSL
Output options
Insert page breaks for better readability
Table of contents
Insert indentation in DOC, DOCX and PDF formats
Include database objects in DOC, DOCX and PDF formats
Group objects by database level (like in SSMS) in CHM and HTML formats
Insert on-page navigation – current path
Insert bookmarks in PDF
Export CLI help as HTML
Warning handling switch
New return error codes
Extended property editor
Stylize object description with HTML tags
SQL Server Management Studio 2016 integration
Save project as batch file
Document single database object from SSMS
Documentation preview
ApexSQL Doc 2016 R3 Released ApexSQL Doc 2016 R4 Released ApexSQL Doc 2016 R5 Q4 ApexSQL Doc 2016 R6 Q4

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