ApexSQL Diff

Dynamic SQL Compare

SQL Database comparison and synchronization tool

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Version: 2013.01

Windows Azure SQL Database support  
Free ApexSQL Diff Community version  
SSMS support  Compare SQL database schema directly from SQL Server Management Studio
FIPS support
SQL Server 2012 support  Compare and synchronize SQL Server 2012 databases, objects and properties including contained databases, FileTables, sequences, search property lists, columnstore indexes, poison message handling attribute for queues as well as geometry and geography auto grid tessellation scheme for spatial indexes Learn more
Backup comparison  Compare databases against backups without restoring. Granularly restore individual objects
Source control integration  Compare and synchronize databases directly against scripts in source control
Compressed backup comparison  Use natively compressed database backups as comparison and synchronization sources
Transparent decryption  Compare encrypted objects
Difference viewer  Quickly identify line level differences using syntax highlighting
Sophisticated reporting  Export the comparison results to HTML
Pre-impact analysis  Review the impact of the synchronization script before it is executed including warning levels and messages
Custom script support  Augment the deployment script with your own pre or post synchronization scripts
Database builds  Deploy scripts saved in a file or under source control to a new or existing database
Accurate dependencies  Recognize all object interdependencies, even those that even SQL Server itself fails to identify
Smart schema mapping  Compare objects across different users using schema mapping
Granular control, precision processing  Selectively limit what will be compared and synchronized with advanced, visual filtering
Snapshots  Build a continuous audit trail of all schema changes through snapshots
Repeatable sessions  Save your options to a project for instant re-execution
Support for all SQL Server versions