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ApexSQL Build

Build, update and deploy SQL databases

ApexSQL Clean

Analyze dependencies and remove unused objects

ApexSQL Compare

Compare files, SQL Server objects and folders

ApexSQL Complete

Auto-complete and coding productivity features

ApexSQL Data Diff (Professional)

Compare and synchronize SQL database data

ApexSQL Decrypt

Decrypt SQL database objects

ApexSQL Diff (Professional)

Compare and synchronize SQL database objects

ApexSQL Doc (Professional)

Document SQL Server databases, server and BI

ApexSQL Generate (Professional)

SQL Server data generator with advanced features

ApexSQL Refactor

Format and refactor SQL code

ApexSQL Script (Professional)

Script and package SQL databases

ApexSQL Search

Search SQL objects and data and visualize dependencies

ApexSQL Source Control

Database version control integration

ApexSQL Trigger

Track data changes to SQL databases

ApexSQL Unit Test

Create, organize and run SQL database unit tests

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ApexSQL Developer comparative matrix

Check out the all-in-one comparison matrix between features offered in ApexSQL Developer and Redgate® SQL Developer Bundle

ApexSQL developer tool editions

Learn more about feature differences between Community, Standard and Professional editions of ApexSQL tools included in ApexSQL Developer bundle

ApexSQL vs Redgate® comparative articles

This blog post represents an index of pages and articles comparing ApexSQL tools, features, usability, performance, etc. with related tools developed by Redgate®

SQL Server database continuous integration workflow Commit step – Committing SQL database changes to a source control repository

This article describes the Commit step, in which any new changes are committed to the source control repository and that actually invokes the CI process

Three phased approaches to getting your SQL Server database into source control

This article describes the three phased approaches, your team can ease into full SQL Server database source control integration gradually.

SQL Toolbelt Essentials
      Data comparison
      Database documentation
      Formatting and refactoring
      Object decryption
      Object search
      Schema auditing
      Schema comparison
      SQL auto-complete
      SQL source control
      Test data generation
      Unit testing
      BI documentation
      Builds and deployment
      Continuous integration and delivery
      Data auditing
      Data search
      Dependency analysis
      File and folder compare
      Scripting and packaging
      SQL script and object comparison
      Tableau documentation
      Data modeling Q3 2017
      Rules based enforcement Q3 2017
      SharePoint documentation Q3 2017
Bundle price $ 1,399 $ 1,895
Individual tools cost $ 5,690 $ 3,461
Bundle savings ($) $ 4,291 $ 1,566
Bundle savings (%) 75% 45%

ApexSQL Developer

Redgate® SQL Toolbelt Essentials

Comparison was conducted on July 4, 2017

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ApexSQL Developer features 2017


ApexSQL Diff paid for itself in the first hour of using it. I synced 12 different databases to a common rev and man am I happy

Casey Kirt

Project Manager

Bell Mortgage

By the way, I want to let you know that the ApexSQL tools have become indispensable to us. They have worked flawlessly from day one and have saved us a huge amount of time and effort. Really nice software

Steve Bernat


Izonim, Inc.

I’ve been an ApexSQL Developer user since 2011 and love it.

Clark Parker

Financial Systems Manager

ThreatTrack Security

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