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Analyze index fragmentation
Rebuild and reorganize fragmented indexes
Create and manage custom policies
Set schedules for defragmentation jobs
Set Email notifications
Monitor index fragmentation on multiple servers
Export all activities to CSV or XML
Create index fragmentation reports


Index fragmentation analysis

Search and analyze indexes by server, database, table, or index. Get detailed information on index type, size, fragmentation percentage, and fill factor with advanced grouping and filtering options.

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Index defragmentation

Reorganize or rebuild fragmented indexes.

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Custom policies

Use custom policies to automate database index maintenance. Enable, run or disable a policy with a single click.

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Fragmentation threshold

Set thresholds for reorganizing and rebuilding jobs.

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Job scheduling

Set daily or weekly schedules for rebuild and reorganize jobs, or execute them in real time.

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Email notifications

Set the Email notification for successful or failed jobs.

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Monitor all defragmentation jobs and policies from a central location.

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Activities export

Export the activities to CSV or XML.

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Index fragmentation reports

Create reports on index fragmentation and index memory usage for a database, table or a single index.

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