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ApexSQL Data Diff

SQL Server data compare

Compare and synchronize SQL Server
database data

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         This is the best program for managing data transfers from my dev server to the production server, since i do not have direct access to the same SQL tools onto the server...GOOD WORK!
Justin Daniels
Origin Seminars

 Compare data from databases and backups

 Automate and schedule database migrations

 Perform row level recovery from backups without restoring

 Community, Developer, and Professional versions

Data comparison

Compare data differences between data sources including SQL databases and backups. Compare tables and views

Data diagnosis

Pinpoint discrepancies, inadvertent and malicious changes, missing and damaged data, and immediately resolve any issues


Schedule your migration unattended, using the Command Line Interface

Backup recovery

Restore from a SQL database backup without the need to perform a full database restore

Reversible synchronizations

Reverse any changes made, automatically creating a backup prior to database synchronization

Data change management 

Promote data changes from your development to you test or production environments

Row and object level recovery

Restore and repair objects down to individual rows from another SQL Server database or a recent database backup

Analysis and reporting

Create sophisticated reports to document the differences between your SQL Server databases and database backups

SSMS integration

Compare data directly from SQL Server Management Studio