ApexSQL Complete

Complete your SQL code

Intelligent SQL intellisense add-in
Code smarter, faster, and easier

Version: 2013.04
"I can't say enough about what you have done here. I am still finding little "features" that I find useful. This is simply a world-class tool for people with much to do. I love to hack SQL, but it is such a blessing to do less of the mundane typing. Especially with intellisense expediting recall..."

Jim Kimbrough, Principal Software Engineer, Topologe, LLC See more

 Automatically complete SQL keywords, statements and identifiers

 Visual Studio and SSMS intellisense add-in

 Review object’s script and description without interrupting coding

 Speed up SQL coding with snippets

Complete SQL code

Auto-complete SQL constructs and identifiers instead of typing them

SSMS and VS intellisense

Integrates with both SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio

Object descriptions

Quickly reference the object’s script and description inline

Formatted, explicit coding

Format keywords and fill in fully qualified object names automatically

Alias management

Define aliases for each object or insert automatically generated ones

SQL syntax checking

Checks SQL syntax by highlighting SQL code errors as you type

Faster SQL coding

Jumpstart code writing using built-in snippets for commonly used SQL statements

SQL code structure

Improve the readability of lengthy SQL code by exposing its structure