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Automatically complete SQL statements
Review an object's script and description
Improve productivity with snippets
Identify the structure of complex SQL queries
Keep track of all your tabs
Log every executed query
Easily navigate to SQL objects
Check queries in test mode
Color query tabs by environment
Search in query results grid


SQL code auto complete

Automatically fill in SQL keywords and names

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Auto-complete pick list

Complete SQL fragments, such as JOIN statements or cross-database queries, in a single click

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Qualified object names

Automatically insert the fully qualified object name

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Object definition

View the object’s definition and description inline

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Transparent decryption

Seamlessly work with encrypted objects

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Tooltips for identifiers

View detailed information on SQL identifiers inline

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Pair highlighting

Determine whether the SQL code is formed correctly by highlighting paired elements

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Closing characters auto-insertion

Ensure the number of closing characters matches the number of opening ones with automatic closing character insertion

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Automatic bracketing

Improve SQL identifier visibility by bracketing them automatically

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Keyword formatting

Format auto-completed keywords in upper, lower or proper case

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Go to object

Finds an object from database and highlights it inside the object explorer

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Test mode

Execute queries without affecting a database

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Results search

Search data in one or more results grids and highlight the results

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Customizable snippets

Reuse SQL code fragments as snippets and insert context-specific values as needed

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Snippet editing

Save development time by creating your own snippets or editing the predefined ones

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Global aliases

Specify aliases to be filled in for objects from all SQL Server instances and database

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Tab navigation

Keep track of opened and recently closed tabs

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Tab coloring

Colorize query tabs to create custom "environments" by SQL Server or database connection

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Executed queries

Log information about executed queries

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Code structure viewer

Identify the structure of complex SQL queries at a glance

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Copy results as

Copying all/selected cells from query execution results to clipboard as CSV, HTML, or XML format

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SQL complete options

Define insertion keys and fine tune SQL complete layout and performance

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Customizable shortcuts

Define custom keyboard shortcuts for commands

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ApexSQL Complete was everything I expected and works pretty well.

Daniel Silveira

I used ApexSQL Complete and ApexSQL Refactor. Both are well designed and include all the modern feature compare to other competitors. I found tons of customization options that makes your tools powerful.

Mohammad Sanati

Software & Database developer

I just created account on Your site and minutes later I had ApexSQL Complete and Refactor installed. I must say I was amazed what those apps can do and that they are free. Thanks for whole team for creating such amazing software and for releasing it for free. You guys are amazing!

Tomasz Jagusz

ApexSQL Redgate®
SQL Server editions
      SQL Server Management Studio
      Visual Studio
      Code structure viewer
      Locating objects
      Object definition
      Object description
      SQL code auto complete
      Tab navigation
      Tab coloring
      Code auto-replacements
      Copy query result as
      Executed queries
      Go to object
      Test mode
      Result search
Free $369

ApexSQL Complete 2017.04

Redgate® SQL Prompt 7.3

Comparison was conducted on December 26, 2016

Redgate® SQL Prompt also includes Refactor. For a comparison of this functionality set click here

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Azure SQL Database V12 full support

Automatically complete keywords, statements, and identifiers in Azure V12

Hints filtering

Filter hints by frequency of usage or with hints numbering

Global aliases on server level

Define and use aliases regardless of the database you are connected on

See our entire roadmap

The roadmap does not show maint only releases

ApexSQL Complete 2016 R3 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R1 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R3 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R4 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R6 Q1 ApexSQL Complete 2017 R7 Q2
Executed queries
Save query as file
Delete history option
Archive executed queries after specified number of executed queries
Alias linked server hints support
Global aliases on server level
Multiple server hints
Object caching
Exclude connection for specific database
Save database cache locally
Tab navigation
Resume work
Close unmodified tabs
Tabs coloring
Result grid
Copy result grid data as INSERT INTO
Copy result grid data as IN clause
Search result grid
Export result grid data to Excel
Snippet variables
Code template variables
"Nested" snippet
Clipboard snippet
SQL Server 2016 support
SQL Server Management Studio 2016 integration
Visual Studio 2015 integration
Visual Studio 2017 RC integration
SQL Server vNext CTP1 support
SQL Server Management Studio v17.0 RC1 integration
Azure SQL Database V12
SQL Server on Amazon RDS support
ApexSQL Complete 2016 R3 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R1 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R3 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R4 Released ApexSQL Complete 2017 R6 Q1 ApexSQL Complete 2017 R7 Q2


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