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View and analyze SQL and client code dependencies
Perform impact analysis on potential changes
Remove unwanted objects risk free
Map dependencies down to the column level
Analyze external databases for dependencies
View object dependencies graphically
Design the appearance of the dependency diagram
Create and export reports from object dependencies


Column-level dependencies

Track SQL dependencies down to the column level

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Graphical dependencies

View SQL objects graphical dependencies

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External database analysis

Find all object dependencies even in other databases

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Client code analysis

Analyze client source code e.g. C# for SQL object dependencies

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Visual object filter

Selectively limit what will be processed with advanced visual filtering

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SQL Server database cleanup

Clean up your SQL Server databases from unreferenced objects

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ApexSQL is truly an amazing piece of software. We've used Erwin, Embarcadero, and Visio for our needs in the past and ApexSQL is easier to use, more stable, and a fraction of the cost. It has totally changed the way we interact with our SQL databases. Feel free to use us as a testimonial if you'd like. Thanks for a great product! We've got a little while left in our trial, but will definitely be ordering soon

John Craven


Prezza Technologies, Inc.

... I forgot to mention that I have personally evaluated 10-15 SQL administration utilities for SQL & yours are some of the best I've seen, keep up the good work

Lee Davies

Software Engineer

Occam Direct Marketing

A word of congratulations. I think that your suite is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I had to add auditing to an existing SQL Server and your ApexSQL Audit product did that effortlessly and flawlessly. The client loves the solution I am also impressed by your rapid response to issues and feedback. Keep up the good work

Cameron Townshend

Executive Consultant

ISG Technology

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