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ApexSQL Clean

Remove unreferenced objects

View database dependencies and analyze
the impact of planned changes

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         ApexSQL Clean did work quite well for me and definitely solved a major problem for my client. I currently have it listed as "My new favorite utility" and have told several people about it
Ron Patrick
President, NTSG

 Inspect the impact of potential changes and deletions

 View and analyze SQL database object dependencies

 Remove unwanted objects risk free

 Map dependencies down to the table column level

Change impact analysis

Analyze the impact of potential changes and deletions on your SQL database

Accurate dependencies

Recognize all SQL object interdependencies, even those that even SQL Server itself fails to identify

Cross-environment relationship tracking

Determine objects’ interrelationships within the database, across databases, scripts and even applications

Graphical relationships

Visualize even the most complex relationships between SQL objects

Clean-up scripts 

Remove unwanted SQL objects without problems or errors

Selective analysis

Specify database processing criteria. Check or ignore the relationships for specific objects


Schedule unattended SQL dependency checking, using the command line interface


Create end-user reports to document the interdependencies in your environments