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Run scripts on multiple databases at once
Create executable installation packages
Deploy databases directly from SQL source control
Consolidate multiple SQL scripts
Build databases from scripts, source control, etc
Ensure error free deployments
Preview the script impact by action or SQL object
Execute scripts on saved list of servers/databases


Multi-database script execution

Execute SQL script against multiple databases at the same time. Learn more

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Source control integration

Build and upgrade SQL databases directly from source control including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server. Learn more

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Database installers

Deploy SQL databases in a single click using executable installers

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Build packages

Deploy SQL databases across remove environments using C# projects / .NET executables. Learn more

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Deployment scripts

Combine multiple objects scripts into a single deployment or upgrade SQL script

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Accurate dependencies

Recognize all objects interdependencies; even the ones SQL Server itself fails to identify. Learn more

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Customizable properties

Provide properties for the newly deployed database

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Custom script support

Augment the deployment package with your own post deployment script. Learn more

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Transparent decryption

Create or update databases containing encrypted objects

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Customizable builds

Deploy some, most or all of your objects. Learn more

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How to build a SQL database from source control without dependency problems

This article describes how to use ApexSQL Build to make sure there aren't any dependency problems when deploying a SQL server database from source control

How to package database scripts into C# projects and .NET executables

This article describes how to efficiently build deployment packages across environments from SQL scripts, either by using the C# project or .NET executable, in a few simple steps

How to customize the SQL Server database objects to be deployed in a database build process

This article describes how to prepare a detailed object analysis for building a database or for a database update deployment, how to customize the SQL database objects and include dependent objects automatically

How to re-order scripts to avoid dependency based errors

This article provides details on how to execute the object scripts in a correct order, to avoid dependency based errors

How to work with SQL database source control labels

This article shows how to create a SQL database source control label, compare/synchronize it with a database or use it to build a new database

How to make complex SQL database deployments easier

This article describes how to use ApexSQL Build to create a custom application that deploys a set of scripts to a targeted server


SQL Packager
SQL Multi Script
      Live database
      SQL Express database
      SQL Azure database
      Direct database execution
      Database installer packages (e.g. Executable installer, C# solution)
      T-SQL deployment script
      Individual script file
      Proprietary schema snapshot
      Scripts folder
      Source control project or label
      Direct database comparison result
      Pre and post deployment scripts
      Source Control label support
      Command Line Interface
Use cases
      Create database installers for remote updates
      Simultaneous script execution on multiple databases
      Consolidation of multiple scripts
      Refactoring existing scripts for execution order
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ApexSQL Build 2015.02

Redgate® SQL Packager 7

Redgate® SQL Multi Script 1.1

Comparison was conducted on July 31, 2015

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