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ApexSQL Audit

SQL auditing and compliance

Enterprise level SQL Server auditing with
compliance reports

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 Audit all SQL Server activities

 Ensure adherence to compliance policies

 Store audit data in the central, tamper-evident repository

 Track security changes in SQL Server

Audit SQL Server activities

Find out everything that's happening on your SQL Server instances including data and object access and changes, failed logins, and security changes


Ensure compliance with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GLBA, FERPA, and Basel II using comprehensive audit reports

Analysis, reporting, and alerting

Create end-user reports to document the activity on your SQL Server instances and meet compliance requirements. Be notified about data and system events by emails

Capture login information

Identify users by their SQL or Windows login, host, and application name

Tamper-evident auditing

Determine if anyone attempted to tamper with your audited data

Track SQL Server security changes

Track permission, login, and password changes

Detailed information

Isolate specific activities by user, date, object, operation type, and more


Find out exactly when and how an accident occurred, as well as details on who was involved

Comprehensive audits

Find out the exact SQL statements that have
been executed on your SQL Server instances including SELECTs

Centralized auditing

Manage auditing across multiple SQL Server instances from a central location