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Killer free tools
for SQL Server

that improve database developer productivity



Decrypt SQL Server database objects


Format SQL and refactor objects


Auto-complete SQL statements


Script execution

Execute scripts on multiple databases


Search SQL Server data and objects

Auto complete statements
Improve productivity with snippets
Keep track of all your tabs
Format SQL
Formatting profiles
Obfuscate SQL
Search SQL objects
Edit extended properties
Rename SQL objects safely
Qualify objects & expand wildcards
Encapsulate SQL into procedures
Add surrogate keys
Replace one-to-many relationships
Change procedure parameters
Locate & highlight unused variables


Great software

Even though these tools are Free, we still strive for a "Best of Class" product, including, performance, usability, and quality.

Feature rich

Our free tools implement all the features you need in a SQL add-in, including SQL formatting, database object and Text search, smart renaming, SSMS and Visual Studio integration, SQL refactoring, and more.

Continuous development

Just like all of our other tools, we strive to release updates to our Free SQL tools regularly, fix problems, improve performance, and add features.

100% free

No crippleware, time bombs, or bait and switch
No mandatory re-installs
No annoying embedded ads or nag screens
No requirement to install additional, non-free software
No costs to upgrade to newer versions of SQL Server
No phone calls from sales people
No professional version you must pay for
No non-free features