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Killer FREE
SQL tools


Free SQL tools for SQL Auto-complete, formatting,
refactoring, text and object search, and more


SSMS and VS integration

SQL parameter management

Smart renaming

SQL syntax checking

SQL formatting

Text search

SQL object descriptions

Consistent code layout

Database object search

SQL code completion

Database object refactoring

Easy SSMS tab navigation

SQL code visualization

Batch formatting

SQL code cleaning

Snippet management

One-to-many relationship replacement

Graphical dependencies

Why choose ApexSQL free tools?

   Great software

We strive to ensure that even though these tools are Free, we still strive for a "Best of Class" product, including, performance, usability, and quality in its respective product class. If you think we can improve our Free tools please contact us to let us know how!

   Feature rich

Our free tools implement all the features you need for FREE, including SQL formatting, Database object and Text search, Smart renaming, SSMS and Visual Studio integration, SQL refactoring, and much more. These are features that you would actually have to pay for … but don’t have to!

   Continuous development

Just like all of our other tools, we strive to release updates to our Free SQL tools regularly, fix problems, improve performance, and add features. We look to maintain host integration with new versions of SSMS and Visual Studio when they come out. See What's next, to check out our product roadmap

   Killer support

Don't think that because these tools are free that they are unsupported! We still offer Full support via bundle subscriptions including email, phone, and WebEx for all of our Free tools. Even without a subscription to a bundle we are happy to answer questions via email and attempt to address any and all issues quickly

Yes, these tools are really FREE

  • No crippleware, time bombs, or bait and switch
  • No annoying embedded ads or nag screens
  • No additional costs to upgrade to newer versions of SQL Server e.g. 2012, 2014
  • No professional version or non-free features you must pay for
  • No mandatory re-installs
  • No requirement to install additional, non-free software
  • No phone calls from sales people

The community loves our FREE SQL tools and product support

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We offer FREE community editions of our most popular products that include full SQL Azure and SQL Server Express support

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