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ApexSQL competitive upgrades are FREE

We can convert any competitive SQL tool or bundle, that is still under support plan, to free license(s) of a comparable ApexSQL tool or bundle

Includes 1 year support plan

All ApexSQL competitive upgrades come with 1 year support plan

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Just let us know the competitor tool(s), provide some proof of purchase (invoice, about screen shot etc) and email us. We'll send your keys back the same day


Check out table below and see what you are eligible for:

Individual tools
SQL backup management Idera® SQL Safe Backup ApexSQL Manage
ApexSQL Restore
Dell® LiteSpeed ApexSQL Manage
ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Recover
RedGate® SQL Backup Pro ApexSQL Manage
Database comparison and synchronization Idera® SQL Comparison Toolset ApexSQL Diff DEV
ApexSQL Data Diff DEV
RedGate® SQL Compare Professional ApexSQL Diff PRO
SQL Data CompareĀ  Professional ApexSQL Data Diff PRO
RedGate® SQL Compare ApexSQL Diff DEV
SQL Data Compare ApexSQL Data Diff DEV
Database backup restore Idera® SQL Virtual Database ApexSQL Restore
Database auditing and compliance Idera® SQL Compliance Manager ApexSQL Audit
Database documentation and analysis RedGate® SQL Doc ApexSQL Doc
SQL Dependency Tracker ApexSQL Clean
SQL Source Control RedGate® SQL Source Control ApexSQL Source Control
Multi-db SQL script execution RedGate® SQL Multi-script ApexSQL Build
Database packaging RedGate® SQL Packager ApexSQL Build
Transaction log reading Dell® LiteSpeed ApexSQL Manage
ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Recover
Test data generation RedGate® SQL Data Generator ApexSQL Generate
SQL unit testing RedGate® SQL Test ApexSQL Unit Test (TBA)
SQL Formatting and refactoring RedGate® SQL Prompt ApexSQL Refactor (FREE)
SQL Auto-complete RedGate® SQL Prompt ApexSQL Complete (FREE)
  RedGate® SQL Developer ApexSQL Developer
RedGate® SQL Toolbelt ApexSQL Developer
ApexSQL Manage
ApexSQL Monitor
Dell® Toad ApexSQL Developer

Upgrades apply to competitive products currently under support plan. Contact for discounts for competitive products no longer under support plan