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Competitive upgrades

All ApexSQL competitive upgrades are FREE
All ApexSQL competitive upgrades come with 1 year Support and Upgrades

We have executed hundreds of competitor tools and we make this very easy. But a few notes... We reserve the right to decline any competitive upgrade request. We generally look for orders that are generally at least 3 mos. old and for comparable software (not freeware, shareware utilities, Oracle/MySQL tools etc)

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"Thank you for the follow up and the offer, it is always great to get great service, even if I am half way across the globe."
Serge Poldi
Rio Tinto IS&T

"I installed the upgrade and ran the software. I was able to document our database in about 30 minutes where before it took about 8 hours. So I experienced a much better speed improvement over the six times faster time you are advertising. The process was less resource intensive also. Good job."
James Rickaway
Omnicell, Inc.