Competitive upgrades

All ApexSQL competitive upgrades are FREE
All ApexSQL competitive upgrades come with 1 year Support and Upgrades
Got questions? Just ask. You can email us or call at (866) 665-5500
Let's do this thing. Just let us know the competitor tool(s), provide some proof of purchase (invoice, activation key screen shot etc) and email us at

We have executed hundreds of competitor tools and we make this very easy. But a few notes... We reserve the right to decline any competitive upgrade request. We generally look for orders that are generally at least 3 mos. old and for comparable software (not freeware, shareware utilities, Oracle/MySQL tools etc)

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"Thank you for the follow up and the offer, it is always great to get great service, even if I am half way across the globe."
Serge Poldi
Rio Tinto IS&T

"I installed the upgrade and ran the software. I was able to document our database in about 30 minutes where before it took about 8 hours. So I experienced a much better speed improvement over the six times faster time you are advertising. The process was less resource intensive also. Good job."
James Rickaway
Omnicell, Inc.