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The basic element of community is community (aka Free) software and ApexSQL offers one of the most comprehensive set of Free SQL tools anywhere. Take a look, download and pass them around. Why not - they are Free!

ApexSQL Complete

SQL Auto-complete

ApexSQL Refactor

SQL Formatting and refactoring

ApexSQL Search

SQL text and object search

Community engagement

Our goal is to nurture a vibrant community around our tools, customers, and industry. Feel free to give us a shout, early and often, for problems, issues, help requests, and/or feedback via any communication medium

We even sponsor cool promotions to give back, from time to time. Click here for our latest community giveaway!

Community leaders

ApexSQL recognizes Microsoft MVPs of all types, SQL MVPs, and SQL community leaders aka VIPs with Free NFR licenses of ALL of our tools. If you are or have ever been an MVP or are currently actively contributing to the SQL Server community, let us know! Learn more

Community events

ApexSQL sponsors SQLSaturdays


If you are looking for sponsors for your SQLSaturday, give us a shout!


Just by attending an ApexSQL sponsored SQLSaturday and entering our raffle, you will get a FREE NFR license to ApexSQL Developer Studio

Find our raffle box at one of the events listed here and get a chance to win a FREE NFR license to ApexSQL Universal Studio. If you don’t get drawn out of the box, don’t worry, we have a consolation prize for you - a FREE NFR license to ApexSQL Developer Studio. With our raffle, everybody wins!

See the upcoming events we are sponsoring to see if an ApexSQL sponsored SQLSaturday is coming to a city near you!