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ApexSQL offers a comprehensive set of free SQL tools. Take a look, download and pass them around

We offer free community editions of our most popular products that include full Azure and SQL Express support

Other great community giveaways

  • Get a free license of ApexSQL Monitor. Click here to learn more
  • Get a free license of ApexSQL Backup. Click here to learn more
  • Get 3 free licenses of ApexSQL Source Control. Click here to learn more

Community leaders

Free tools for SQL VIPs of all stripes

ApexSQL recognizes SQL Server VIPs of all types including SQL Server MVPs, and SQL community leaders, bloggers, etc. with free licenses of all of our tools. If you are or have ever been a SQL Server MVP and/or are currently actively contributing to the SQL Server community aka SQL VIP, let us know! Learn more

Community service

SQL Shack The SQL Shack is ApexSQL's community content website with articles on various SQL Server related topics

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We always have paid and non-paid opportunities to contribute

Interested in being a power user, just email early and often. Our users drive our development and power users get to work directly with development teams and influence product decisions

We are hiring writers for our new SQL Server blog, the SQL Shack. Learn more

We offer opportunities in area of writing and video content, as well as short term consulting assignments. Click here to learn more about current opportunities

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ApexSQL sponsors SQL Saturdays and SQL Server user groups


If you are looking for sponsors for your local event, give us a shout!

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We love to give free gear to power users, writers, event attendees and other ApexSQL VIPs

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