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Killer free tools
for Azure SQL Database

with full support for SQL Express and Amazon RDS


Data compare

Compare data to source control

Data generation

Generate SQL test data for specified tables

Dependency analysis

Analyze SQL and client code dependencies


Create deployment packages


SQL Server and BI documentation


Format SQL and refactor objects


Auto-complete SQL statements

Schema compare

Compare and sync database schemas


Script databases to source control

Script execution

Execute scripts on multiple databases


Search SQL Server data and objects

Source control

Integrate SQL source control with SSMS


Trigger-based auditing

Track data changes in SQL Server

Azure SQL Database
Amazon RDS
SQL Express



All of our Azure SQL Database, SQL Express and Amazon RDS tools are either 100% free or offer free community editions with full support for these technologies.

Continuous development

We are continually updating our SQL Azure tools with new features. Look at everything we’ve released recently and our aggressive roadmap for the future.

Killer support

We offer awesome direct support for our tools. We release new versions, frequently and will often patch issues for customers who report problems. See the Patches section.


ApexSQL Diff tools... time-saving, life-saving software.... I love it :)

Ben Joyce

Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd

In my opinion ApexSQL Doc is by far and away the best SQL Server documentation tool available!

Peter Ward

Chief Technical Architect


We have fully integrated ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff into our design, integration/ performance testing, and production release SDLC. The ApexSQL tools have tremendously increased our confidence level on the integration of these systems and the veracity of our product release cycles. ApexSQL Data Diff allowed us to proof test the automation of a ETL process against the long standing manual process that was in use in production, and when that system goes into full production, will save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years, and millions in the years to come

William E. Saxon, Jr.

T Consultant - Application Development

Nationwide Better Health

ApexSQL Complete was everything I expected and works pretty well.

Daniel Silveira

The ApexSQL Refactor is a great help, and I'm glad to have found something that works well and is easy!

Michael Jenkins


International Mission Board

I downloaded ApexSQL Search and it worked like a charm, I'm really impressed and I'll definitely try the other ones.

Ricardo Lourenço

Senior Software Developer

Great tool - we use ApexSQL Script for every production build at our company and it is a key component of our build process

Max Pilipis

Sr. Software Engineer

Academic Management Services