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Best vendor support

Best vendor support

How are ApexSQL tools licensed?

This article describes the licensing of ApexSQL tools

Licensing and activation of distributed system products

This article describes the licensing and activation of distributed system products

Purchase order instructions

This article provides details on how to order via PO

How to activate ApexSQL software manually

This article explains manual activation for ApexSQL tools

How to extend an ApexSQL application trial

This article describes how to extend ApexSQL application trial

How do I get my hardware ID?

This article shows you how to get your hardware ID

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What is your license model?

All of our licenses are perpetual, meaning they are good forever. Our DBA tools are licensed per SQL Server instance. And our Developer tools are licensed per user (DBA or Developer). You can learn more about how ApexSQL tools are licensed here

How much will I have to pay for renewal next year?

Support and upgrades can be renewed for 25% of the initial purchase price. Please see more about renewal pricing here

How soon will you get back to me?

If your e-mail is received during normal business hours, we'll reply in less than an hour

Can I move my software to another machine?

Sure. You can go ahead and activate it on the other machine. If you have any problems contact us

How can I check if I am eligible to upgrade to the newer version?

Easy, just contact us and our dedicated team will send upgrade options to you right away

I have changed my contact info, can you do the necessary changes in my account?

Sure. You just need to send us your fresh contact info and we'll make all the necessary changes in your account

Help, I lost my activation keys. Can you resend them?

Of course. Please contact us and we'll send them back to you right away

What is your FedID#?



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Activation issues
Consolidating keys
Manage account contact
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Account reviews



Customer Service is so great! I would recommend your products to my friends and colleagues. I will soon create a website of my own and feature your products in my site. Thanks very much and more power to ApexSQL!

Jetson Li

Your service has always been exemplary. I wish all the company I work with were as responsive as ApexSQL

Simon Ferguson

Senior Developer

EPS Software

Thank you for your prompt response and resolution to my problem. As always, the support and customer service I receive from ApexSQL is excellent. It's always a pleasure to deal with everyone there

Tim Byng

Support Manager

Mission Systems Development Corp.

10 out of 10 for service. That has to be the quickest response I have ever got

Richard Moore

Worldsmart RETECH

Their customer support is really great. Very attentive

Douglas J. Landholt

Product Development Manager

CONIX Systems, Inc.

I have managed to download and register the software now :). Many thanks for your help

Jon Kennerley